I have never had a problem with my netspend card until yesterday and it was not the fault of netspend co. itself!!

So the horrible reviews that some of you posted is surprising to me. I will continue to use my card as I have been for the past two years.In fact my brother has a card as well. I was in the process of ordering my boyfriend a card when I decided to read the reviews.

I just hought i'd provide potential customers with some positive input. Remember this, there's always a Positive and a Negative!

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I was with netspend for over two years until yersterday when I filed two diputes for my money being stolen and instead of getting my money back they cancel my card and sent me a text saying that my card had been reported stolen and on top of that closed my account with no explanation.



Really? I thought netspend was great also for about 3 years!

Wait untill you get your money stolen and file a dispute then you will feel the pain!

HORRIBLE COMPANY! RUN while u can people!


yeah,it's great till they rip you off!

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