My 14 year old kid received a netspend card in the mail, and I'm wondering how they got her information.

How did they get her name? how did they get our address? My daughter isn't online a lot and when she is she uses aliases, because she's aware of the scams and predators out there.

I called netspend and they say they got it from another company, but they won't tell me who. Isn't this illegal since it's a minor and we as parents never consented to any of this? Do we have to get a lawyer involved.

Product or Service Mentioned: Netspend Prepaid Card.

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MY 9-10 Year old son got one to. I was so mad just as much as you


My son too got a card in the mail and he is also only 14!! That is BS!!!!!!

I was SOOOO mad!!!!!! When you go online you can get a card sent to you without even putting information in about your DOB or SSN!!


I'm playing devil's advocate here-------could it be that your daughter applyed for this card and in the application stated that she was 18? It wouldn't be the first time a teen or even younger has done something like this.

You should question her in the same method that a cop would------kind of cross examining her.

Ask her the same questions, only worded differently. That worked real well with my kids and has even worked with my grandkids.

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