i am computer illiterate and am having problems with netspend.com i.e. prepaid visa account.

several unauthorized charges from Family Save. Com & Family Care. Com have been made to my account and I cannot find information on Family Save so that I may contact their customer service. Help!I did not order any products from these companies nor do I have any pending purchases,.How do I get my money refunded.

I have made contaqct with Family care and they were rude but still I received a cancellation number but my phone conversation was not a pleasant experience. How do I get my money back?

Product or Service Mentioned: Netspend Prepaid Card.

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Be careful with disputes. After a dispute alot of times netspend locks your card as its considered a risk. Then theyll sit on your money as long as they can so they can draw interest on it.


We are sorry to hear that you have unauthorized charges on your account. We would be happy to assist you in getting this money back. In order to start the dispute we would need a written statement from you stating what charges, dates, and amounts you are disputing and the reasons why. It is best to include everything you stated here about trying to contact them and if anyone had access to your card. Be sure to sign and date the letter and fax it to 512-531-8770 along with your reference number. Keep in mind the dispute process is not completed overnight and unfortunately does take time to resolve.

We want to assist you in getting this money back and look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

NetSpend Customer Service


Depending on the amount you may have to to the police like I did. If it is more than 100.00 and they refunded my money but it took alot of time to get it.

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