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First off let me start by saying that my home has 3 disabled people in it and our 3 checks are direct deposited to one netspend card and it is our ONLY income. That being said...

January 27th a "Budget Rental" put through a forced transaction on an old transaction that WAS SUPPOSED TO BE COMPLETED back in December! They put it through for $4,852.20! My home ONLY has an income of a whopping $2,100/mo!!!!! I have NEVER made a transaction THAT large EVER.

I called in and put in a transaction dispute RIGHT AWAY the second the transaction showed up on my phone, THEN I ALSO submitted it online as a double back up... They told me 3-5 days, 3 days later I called they said 7-10 business days and it would be a waste of my time to call before the 11th of February... So here it is the 11th of February, we are now homeless thanks to this ONE ILLEGAL transaction and they tell me THEY HAVE NO UPDATE and that they will call me back when they know something... My family will be once again in the street on Valentine's day...

and they are still not sure whether or not they are going to reverse an ILLEGAL TRANSACTION... Ummmmmm hello the fact that my account ISN'T supposed to be ABLE to be overdrawn by more than $10 and the fact that it came through on a lost/stolen card AFTER it was reported lost/stolen and the fact that it was done as a FORCED Transaction which AGAIN... is ILLEGAL...

OBVIOUSLY it wasn't authorized!!!!!!!!!!! They SHOULD have been able to reverse the charge within a day or two!

Product or Service Mentioned: Netspend Account.

Monetary Loss: $4852.

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Wonder if they ever got their money back. Hmmm


We are very sorry to hear about the problems you experienced with your Budget Rental charge. We will do everything we can to help get this money back for you, but we will need the information we requested to be sent in.

As soon as we have an update on your claim, we will notify you.

Thank you for your patience. NetSpend

Columbus, Ohio, United States #607101

Theives and Liars!!!! Boycott NetSpend.

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