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We used this company to have our tax refund loaded on their card. Our taxes were filed and the return was loaded.

After a day and a half of using our card they blocked use and we were told our card was invalid. We spent and hour and a half trying to get our card unblocked, speaking mostly with employees that were not concerned with the situation. We were brushed off and told that it was policy that we now needed to send in multiple forms to verify identification and that once they received it, it would be an additional 48 hours before they would release our funds. This was not requested nor mentioned in any of the emails before we received our card, nor mentioned on their web site.

One form or id they require is a social security card (which i did not replace when i lost my wallet a few years ago because it is rarely needed and says on the social security site, it is not for proving identity).

I tried to work with them to send another form of proof and they refuse to even work with me. God knows when i will see my money

Monetary Loss: $9600.

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Fort Huachuca, Arizona, United States #619549

We understand your frustration regarding the block on your account and we can assure you that it is for your protection.

Please send your information to and we will make sure this is taken care of.

Thank you,


to NetSpend2013 Columbus, Ohio, United States #621283

I called in to have my taxes sent to my card and they gave me my sons account number. After transfering part of the mony they locked the card and asked for his personal info before they would unblocked the card, THAT'S BEEN DONE TWICE and still nothing !!! TWO WEEKS LATER !!!!

to NetSpend2013 Columbus, Ohio, United States #621289

How is it for my protection when the check was deposited in my name and my son and myself talked to the rep over the phone, part of the money was transfered and the you block it. The bigger portion of the money was release so if you were concerened you would have kept all of the money for my protection !!! EXPLAIN THAT !!!!!

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