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I had the same thing happen as soon as I was consistently telling them obviously something isn't right 10 mins after I got off the phone my money deposited

Product or Service Mentioned: Netspend Deposit.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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I know a lot of people have gotten their money by now, but I guaranteed this WILL happen again. It's apparently happened the past few months.

EVERYONE DROP NETSPEND. Put them out of business like they deserve.


Paid...netspend Check ur cards


I called on Oct 15th 2018 twice the representative blamed it on my payroll department from my job. They even told me to call and get a tracking number and my payroll department said it is no such thing and the mistake is on Netspend Metabank not my job.

They lied to me instead of telling me the truth.

Let us all get together and get a lawsuit started. We have bills to pay and mouths to feed.


I just called for the 4th time and I keep getting different excuses each time. This last time the rep eluded that it may be my payroll company.

I had to get him good and straight on trying to feed me that crap. He then says that they don't have a ETA but instead just be patient. I called Metabank and they have a automatic response explaining the delay in the ACH transactions with their 3 party accounts like Netspend. It ask for the first 6 of your card.

Once you enter in the information it automatically identifies what kind of account you have and with what company. The instructions then suggest that you call Netspend. After that the phone call automatically disconnects. I haven't been this mad in a long time.

Once I get my money it's a wrap for me.

This is the first time this has happened but it definitley be my last! Sounds like a class-action law suit if you ask me!

to CJ #1582271

Here is the Metabank number and email if anyone would like it. 1.866.550.6382 or email mpsquality@metabank.com

to CJ #1582314

I called them too and you are correct I told the same thing.. smdh

to CJ #1583164

Hi I feel the same way... I'm starting my direct deposit account with Bank of America.

The only reason I stay with NetSpend is because you get your deposit 2 days earlier. Lately it's been nothing but problems


Still waiting


I’ve been waiting for a few hours and I still ain’t got paid ,I’m confused on how y’all late with MY money ?Called they said the problem started yesterday and probably would be fixed by 10pm ,but obviously people been having problems for days now . This *** is ridiculous


Well I jus called and I hate to say it but there’s no ETA on when we will get paid all I can say people is have patience!!

to Okc1985 #1582222

Some people can't afford to have patience speak for your damn self


One guy told me when I called that it would be around 5pm central time when the money would be in my account since I'm on est time that means I should get it around 6pm if not I'm definitely calling back and will take further matters if need be.i understand issues come up but if they knew about this last week they should've sent out emails explain the situation so ppl could make moves accordingly.

to TestyBalinese957 #1582143

Was this a supervisor that gave you this info?

to TestyBalinese957 #1582260

They lied to you. I just got off the phone with them lass than 2 minutes ago.

They have not received anything from MetaBank so they are no funds for them to release to us. Also, if you recently upgraded your account, you will be charged $15 for every overdraft over $10 and they will not be reimbursing you. I also called MetaBank that gives an automated message stating that they are aware of the issue but do not have a turnaround time.

They gave you a bogus time just to get you off the phone. There's nothing any of us can do but wait, wait and complain, or try and see if our company will give us a check instead and cancel the direct deposit.


I was supposed to get paid friday and its now Tuesday no deposit I'm done with Netspend and so is the company I work for. Netspend keeps lying saying it coming I need my money and I need it now.


I normally get my DD around 7 am on Tuesdays - It is still not in my account and I can't get Netspend to answer the fricken phone.


According to netspend..meta bank is having the issues. I find it unacceptable that neither company took the time to send customers an email informing us about the issue.


This is the email to the producers at ABC15 which is in Phoenix. It's a start but please email them as well! share@abc15.com


I just called netspend and told them my dd was not in my account and the rep stated that only since yesterday netspend had some technical difficulties and that its been resolved since this morning and my dd should be on my card anytime after 2pm today.

to Anon #1581689

wow you got a better answer than I did

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