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I am so mad. I have had netspend for two years now.

I was drawn in on the fact that you will get paid earlier. I have VA disability payments deposited in this account and the past 6 months I have been having the same problem I first get an email from netspend saying money will be deposited on a certaindate then that day comes and goes and no deposit. I call customer service and it hard to understand them( I am no means racist) but the call center is outsourced and they have a hard time understanding me. When I called today an agent told me she didn't know why my check hasn't showed up cause others that get VA payments have already received there money.

I think the best thing for me to do now is leave netspend and just have my money deposited in my bank. It's a shame!

Product or Service Mentioned: Netspend Account.

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We understand your frustration regarding your deposit posting times.

As the recipient of your deposit, we have no control over when it is sent to us. We try to provide our best estimates of when your deposit could arrive, but we can not make any guarantees.

We will always make sure your deposit is posted as soon as we receive it and we appreciate your patience.

Thank you,


to NetSpend2013 #1504612

My concern here is that My Paychex stub normally posts well after the posting of the amount as pending or available in my Netspend account. This is the first instance if this ever happening where my paystub is posted but absolutely no sign of my money as even pending onto my card.

This normally would not be a concern except for tye fact of the matter that my place of work exclusively uses your services. I do require my money and it is of major concern if everyone else is having the same issue.

to Anonymous #1504749

I have seen many complaints today regarding direct deposit and not receiving funds. I am waiting myself and so far nothing.

A co-employee got hers.

Im still waiting. Any ideas?

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