for some reason i'm having trouble logging into my account.i've been trying for a few day's now.it take's me to my login page.but toolbar just stay's on netspend and never get's to my account.i've never had this problem before it's the same with my cell phone I don't understand what is going on.i've tried to call costumer service but i'm not getting anywhere.and I really need to know what's happening and whyso if you could please help and figure out this problem I would so greatly appreciate it.please let me know.soon thank you.

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I have been trying to change my password to get online access to my account and it's not working. Going on 2 months now and Netspend cant figure it out or call me back!!!


There is nothing in my email from netspend . Getting tired of doing this over and over. C'MON NOW FOLKS HELP ME OUT!


Same problem with me can't change my password won't let me continue


I requested my account to be closed back in July. I had such trouble trying to login.


How do I change my phone with net spend


I'm having the same problem and it has been going on for 2 weeks now, still can't anywhere with anyone


I have just activated my Netspend card today, as I am trying to log into my account via Netspend mobile app. , I'm receiving a notice that my account is locked and to contact customer service. Type your message here


Me too


The website is constantly telling me I can't log in due to my internet being down but my Wi-Fi is up and running just fine. It does this at least once a day and will not load. It's really annoying, especially when you're expecting a direct deposit that you really need


Netspend is full off *** they took my check and telling me their nothing they do well I have report them to the Better Business Bureau somebody going to give me my check bad


I can log into my account but my card keeps getting declined and I have a lot of money on that account and the customer service number is not working. I’m freaking out . So I tried taking money out of an atm and it gets declined but took out the 400 on my balance

to Jordan #1571830

How were you able to take out the $400? Mine keeps saying my card is "STOLEN" when I try to use it.

NetSpend said this error had been corrected/resolved. They did find where there was a bogus transaction on my account and I should be able to use my card...

NOT! Still not working.


I can't log in to my mobile app . I have contacted customer service numerous times by phone and email. This has been going on for over 6 weeks and nothing has been resolved


I need a password an it didn't..go threw today


I can't get into my account it won't load and keeps yelling me its either down or had moved . This sucks and if u call it charges you what a pos


Check to see if you're using the most current updated internet explorer browser... "TOOLS" (right top near the "home" icon) then select "about internet explorer" this will tell you which version you are currently using, then go to "WINDOWS UPDATE" bottom WINDOWS colored icon, choose all "ALL PROGRAMS" then choose "WINDOWS UPDATE" and follow remaining instruction. I hope this help.


This is the worst *** i have been threw these stupid *** pre paid all them god people dont spesk much English and i have try to get help and them mother wont help nobody *** nepdpend visa prepaid card and all of the rest of them


I have been trying for days too log in and check my account. I have changed my password everyday for about a week now.

because every time I use the new password it is not valid.

This is crazy what is going on. Its very frustrating !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I haven't been able to log into my netspend account either, can't reach anybody to find out what is going on either, might just switch accounts as this is ridiculous especially with all the fees i've had to pay just to use them, be nice if they would let us know wtf is wrong,smh


I didnt change any of my login info or my email address and yet I cant login and when I ask to have username or password sent to email address I dont receive anything. I've had only one email since 2004 and yet it says its wrong.

Been trying for 5 days.

REALLY UPSET ABOUT THIS. Sometimes netspend.com actually comes back as a non existent page on chrome.

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