for some reason i'm having trouble logging into my account.i've been trying for a few day's now.it take's me to my login page.but toolbar just stay's on netspend and never get's to my account.i've never had this problem before it's the same with my cell phone I don't understand what is going on.i've tried to call costumer service but i'm not getting anywhere.and I really need to know what's happening and whyso if you could please help and figure out this problem I would so greatly appreciate it.please let me know.soon thank you.

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I have tried to get into my account but it will not let me called several times and I'm not getting any where the send me so many passwords but tried them all none of them work can you please let me know what is going on


I have the same problem. Netspend e-mailed me with a way to fix the login problem, but it didn't work for me.

I use Chrome browser. The circle just keeps spinning.

to Richard50 #1513919

Try internet explore it seemed to work for me.


yea it locked me out of my online account center and i just keep getting the runaround on how to fix it

to chris c #1513922

Use another web browser it worked for me.


I have been having the exact same issue for the last few days. It was at first not accepting my password; now it is accepting password lets me into account home page; when I tried to review another page now it states:This site can’t be reachedwww.netspend.com is currently unreachable.Try:Checking the connectionChecking the proxy and the firewallERR_SSL_VERSION_INTERFERENCEThis error has been occurring for weeks.

I also noticed my direct deposits are sporadically sent to account for last 4-6 months. I do not get deposit the same time of day, in the morning anymore!!

Now I never know when I am going to get paid, there is something very wrong with getting it one week Wednesday at 7 pm; another week Thursday at 1 am and another week Thursday at 8 am; used to come for several years Wednesday at 9 pm on the dot!And I have worked for same employer over 10+ years so only change is in how Netspend in doing things. Seriously thinking of changing back to regular banking.


There is no reason for me not to be able to get into my account. It is the third and I can't get rent money to my landlord.

I need what's in this acct to make rent.

My landlord has been waiting for me for 3 hours. I may have problems because of this and I need it resolves right now

to marcymcd29 #1513924

Remove the caches from your website history and then restart and reboot the web browser you're using and if that don't work just log into another web browser and not in google chrome if that is what you're using. If you still don't get in call customer service and if this keeps happening just use the green dot card they also have checkbooks for customers to pay off stuff, so you can use the checks to give to your landlord instead.


I have contacted Customer Support at least 3 times. I have gotten nowhere.

The agent has my report on record. C am considering getting rid of this card altogether.


I can't log in to it at all netspend says it sent a new password and username yo my email and I've checked it repeatedly over the past week and nothing not a thing. Wtf netspend????

to Anonymous11 #1513472

Same for happened to me too.


Yes i contact custmer service for my netspend card and they said i need make pin but its not alllowing to do so


Can't login to my account and I checked the box to remember my password and username this some ***


Request for a new NetSpend card, my old one is out of date {{Redacted}} number on the back {{Redacted}}Abdul-Jabbar Muhammad


I try to login through pc and it just keeps stuck at the login process where the blue ring spins. netspend needs to get their *** together. I contacted support and of course they were no help.


Can't log in my account saying my username and password is incorrect. They are not, log into account on pc , no problem. Thinking of canceling account.

to Anonymous #1494429

Forgot to say login issue is on the "smart phone mobile app".No problem logging into account on my pc.


Can't log in my account tells me improper user I'd and password not to mention my card was hacked and their solution to wait 7 to 90 days to get my money back GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRD

to Cozmo72 #1500579

Seven to ninety days or seven to nine days?


I was logged in, after a bit it logged me out, I tried logging back in so could change my info on my account for cell phone #, but it keeps saying incorrect user name/ password

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