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I to got a netspend debit card that i did not ask for. But i thought it might be a good idea because dealing with people you don't know they could keep sending things you didn't ask for if you gave them a credit card number say to your checking account.

So i just put $40 in it so they they can't scam me for more than that.

My problem is i can't find out how to get the balance on my netspend debit card. Has anybody else had this problem besides myself, and if so what did they do to get the balance on their account.

Product or Service Mentioned: Netspend Account.

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Is this true about this card


David, thats not true, NetSpend's corperation distruvutes their debit cards randomly based on mailing lists for local grocery store preferred shopper's cards. So getting one randomly, happens very often.


the card was send to u by a scammer. when u loaded the $40, the scammer logged into ur acct online which he had previuosly created with ur name and address and moved the money.

What you shld have done is to create ur own acct online and request your own card.

When you receive the card then activate it urself and change the pin before loading with cash. Every one beware, the scammers are smatter!!!


netspend is bulls**t


netspend is some bs the customer service reps are rudeand my card is still not working.

Cossayuna, New York, United States #73026

Netspends promotion for getting one of their cards was to offer you 10 sratch off cards when you got a card.Out of the 10 I won $5 on one scratch off got an email saying I won then went online with the remaining 9 cards. The first card played on line said I won $10, I received another email saying I won.

I played the remaining eight cards and all but one of them said I won $10, this was exciting but strange how often do you win 7 times in a row but I did not get an email for any of these wins. I called cust. serv. & was told if thats what it says then thats what I get but I must wait for 30 days from time of playing After 30 days called to find out when $ would post to my card.

They said they have no proof & all they could do as a courtesy is apply $20 to my card.

What a rip-off. They are real CHEATERS!!!


You can also contact the CEO of Netspend Dan Henry@ 512-532-8200 Ex. 8780 or his personal assistaint Shannon Carol @ 512-531-8786 or 913-832-4253.

I will be contacting him.

The Better Business Bureau, the OCT and my states Att.

General. I recommend everyone do the same!


:grin Yeah I know that you have to go in and pay a fee, to get your card I do not think that you have apply like a regular card. I do not understand how you had gotten one with out paying for it, and also when you check your balane you have to call or you can go online for it.


How can you get a card that you did not ask for? Netspend is a reloadable debit card .

It is not a credit card. You can get balance info for free online with your password.


when you call in you have to go through all the phone options first and then it will give you the option to reach a customer service rep. plan on being online for at least 15 mins

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