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I had 1440 transfered from my account to another person while I was on the phone with a netspend rep.It all started when I recieved an alert that my anytime alerts had been canceled that is what prompted me to call.While speaking to the rep he re enrolled me and then I...
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Netspend won't activate my card for no particular reason. I had the exact same issues and run around like you. When I called, of course they were foreign. They asked for a copy of my SOCIAL AND LICENSE! FOR A *** PREPAID CARD! when I ordered the card online all I had...
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So I made a purchase at a local gun dealer..Later on I found a much better deal...I had made a deposit of 375$ and when I cancelled the order the merchant refunded me that amount..twice.Turns out he hit the button twice..OK no big deal..Call the merchant/NEtspend has...
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You can also contact the CEO of Netspend Dan Henry@ 512-532-8200 Ex. 8780 or his personal assistaint Shannon Carol @ 512-531-8786 or 913-832-4253. I will be contacting him....

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