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i was a netspend customer for a few years for strictly internet buying at 1st then i got my direct depot there because it was 2 days earlier. so i had about $10,000 in my account that was trying to transfer to a different account and they said the only way to transfer my money was to close the account and get a check sent.

after begging them to just transfer $1,000 to another account. they said no they cant. so the day before i closed my account i made a few purchases to get the account under 10k to have no problems depositing the check into another account. BUT when i made the purchases a few things i ordered were out of stock so i chose a refund.

this was after i closed my account so i figured ill just wait 60 days for them to send a check for the missing amount 3 months later i still didnt have my money so i called and couldn't get in contact with anybody because i didnt know when i opened the account YEARS AGO, didnt have a card number because i cut the card up, and didnt remeber the last purchase amount(their security questions). so i finally got through after a week of calling and talking to other people and some supervisors they got me a check sent out for the refunded amounts but there was still one more charge that wasnt refunded so i filed a claim and told them the date, time, and amount of the purchase and even had the company send a certified email saying to release the funds. these KNUCKLE HEADS filed the wrong claim for car parts i ordered and i didnt know of it till one of my friends that works at a dealership text me saying the dealership had a invoice for the amount of the parts i ordered. THEY FILED A CLAIM ON THE WRONG PURCHASE.

i still cant get in contact with them because i STILL DONT remeber the account open date, last amount spent or any of the stupid questions they ask. most other places can get the info from everything esle NOPE not them. everything is cool till its time to leave or file a claim then it went to crap.

im done with them i had to have my friend tell his dealership to dispute the charges because i still cnt get incontact with them and i still dont have the claim right or the 134$ im missing. im just cutting the loss and warning everybody else

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