After over one year of having a Netspend checking account and having to pay ATM fees to draw out funds for rent - usually took three transactions to withdrawal the funds, I learned yesterday "by asking their representative" if there was a way I could withdrawal funds without all the ATM Fees, her reply yes. She proceeded to tell me that I could go to any bank and get a "cash advance" up to $5k for only a flat fee of $2.50.

This infuriated me. I am on my app all the time and have looked many times to see how or if there was a place where I could pull all of my rent out at once and nothing on the app (I took a screen shot) informed me of this possibility. I came to use the Netspend checking account/debit card out of necessity. I was in a homeless shelter when I signed up for the card even.

I'm not any more. But money was/is tight and when I am pulling out $900 for rent and paying $12-$15 in bank fees when I didn't have to, that $12-$15 was food and gas to get to work for me. Still is. How to avoid ATM fees needs to be shared with the public.

The Netspend representative I spoke to said that they are supposed to inform you when you activate the card.

I had to activate probably three cards this year due to lost/fraud/misplacement and never did anyone tell me. I would've been avoiding those ATM fees for sure!

Product or Service Mentioned: Netspend Premier Debit Card.

Reason of review: Non-Transparency.

Monetary Loss: $150.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I liked: Convenience.

I didn't like: Outragous atm fees to pay bills.

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You should have read the fee schedule that comes with every card that is sent. Since you have 3 cards sent to you in 1 year, you had 3 fee schedules sent to you as well.

It helps to read.

I have never received an pre-paid ATM card and not read the fee schedule. It is your responsibility to find out what you are charged for when you use the card.

to Get it together #1384833

Why are YOU so upset over their issue?? Do you won or work for NetSpend?

They are a fraudulent company and I am highly upset as well because they owe me a refund. So I think you need to calm down a bit because you are not the one who has to handle this issue.

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