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I'm extremely pissed. I filed my taxes through turbo tax, and chose the option of having my tax return deposited to my pre paid card from this company.

As soon as my card arrived in the mail, I attempted to activate it. For some "MYSTERIOUS" reason, my account locked up, blocking me from having access to my own money. I called customer service, and oh those reps are just pathetic and useless. They could barely speak clear English!

They said it happened for security reasons. I say what should I do? They instructed me to send in my documents i.e SS card, state I.D, W-2 form, to verify who I am and proof of residency. So I did exactly that.

I called back the next day, and they told me they didn't see my residential address on my w-2 form when it was clearly on their in like 5 different spots. And they wanted to see a date on it, but my w-2 form doesn't have a date located on it. So they told me to resend it, once again. Hopefully they won't give me the run around again next time I call up there.

JUST ACTIVATE MY *** ACCOUNT ALREADY!!!! My patience is running thin. I followed their instructions and now they're just making this flat out incredibly difficult for me. PISSED!

I won't recommend this company to anyone! As soon as I withdraw my tax return, I'm throwing away my card and filing a customer complaint. Never again Netspend!

We're over before we ever began. Good riddance.

Product or Service Mentioned: Netspend Prepaid Card.

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Hate this *** last week got stolen 100 dollars this week i got paid and bought sneakers for my son school n now it says the card is empty when they havent even send me my package supposly card is empty and they didn't receive no money i called amazon n they dont know so now i know whata going on netspend is stealing money *** thiefs


Garbage *** company. Never will buy again


I downloaded the NetSpend app and I tried to login the next day it got locked I need my app to work. Because I'm having my income put on there and instead of paying .50 evry time u call you guys need to improve your NetSpend and the apps.

to Meghan #1588749

Meghan that just happened to me I put 100$ on the card and I went to but my points for my online game and Bam account LOCKED WTF?????


Right now I have a Netspend Prepaid Debit card from Walmart sitting in my wallet when my account is locked. Netspend is a confusing and useless Company that wants to take your money. Damn this company is the *** EVER!!!’


So can anybody tell me what happens with the money if they lock my account do they return my money back


My balance was at -$2 or so, thank God I took out all the money before my account locked, anyways it was still at about -$2 last time I checked and when I went to check to see if anything's change before I paid the negative amount it wouldn't let me log in. It's weird considering that I owed them around $2 and they locked my account so I can't do anything.


Netspend locked my account and I have no reason why


I just activated my card and it’s blocked..I didn’t even use it!!I’m trying to get a hold of someone and nothing the automated machine tells me the same crap.. how do I talk to someone?????


Guy owns the house I'm living in kicked his sister out and I may have to find somewhere else to go immediatel but I have zero money and my account is locked


Yeah Nutpent sucks gravyjuice. Sand {{Redacted}} that aren't from the U.S.

they charge you 9.00 to have your check deposited, plus 2.00 for all and any ATM withdrawals, plus .50 for any and all statements via ATMs, if that doesn't seem to *** you off yet, they charge you 2.00 for debit card pin transactions at the register, and 1.00 for credit card transactions at the register!!!!!! Blow it Nuttspent


Same BS I Had Funds Withdrawn From My "Acct" With No KnowLedge. They Agreed To Send Texts On All Transactions And Didn't.

Now I'm In Errears On My Car Ins. I Been Trying To Get Into My Acct All Day.

So I Called A "Rep" With Broken English. Sent Me A New P/W And STILL Can't Get In!


I'm having an issue with my card they saying that I need proof of my ID some of my mail and my social order for the block or the pendant so he can come off my card so I can be able to use it what can I do about it


It want let me in my account i know my password and my username it still want let me in keep saying my account locked


I am having the same issues this is my last time dealing with them...my new card with a better company is on the way. I never had to argue with someone so hard about my Money in my life! I won't be doing it again.


I had the same issue. Had bills to pay, and when I went to full my card, the lady looked at me and said that the authorization declined.

When I went to access my account information, it said that it was locked. I do believe that this is a scam, and I wouldn't recommend to ANYONE who plans on using it for more than a couple months


I hate this Netspend card. I got my card I activated it and then it locked me out.

I need my money for my bills. I also don't recommend this card for NOBODY




Why do you lock my account when I activate my card, this doesn’t makes no sense at all but I truly think this is a scam.


I would like to know why my account is locked.

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