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I'm extremely pissed.I filed my taxes through turbo tax, and chose the option of having my tax return deposited to my pre paid card from this company.

As soon as my card arrived in the mail, I attempted to activate it. For some "MYSTERIOUS" reason, my account locked up, blocking me from having access to my own money. I called customer service, and oh those reps are just pathetic and useless. They could barely speak clear English!

They said it happened for security reasons. I say what should I do? They instructed me to send in my documents i.e SS card, state I.D, W-2 form, to verify who I am and proof of residency. So I did exactly that.

I called back the next day, and they told me they didn't see my residential address on my w-2 form when it was clearly on their in like 5 different spots. And they wanted to see a date on it, but my w-2 form doesn't have a date located on it. So they told me to resend it, once again. Hopefully they won't give me the run around again next time I call up there.

JUST ACTIVATE MY *** ACCOUNT ALREADY!!!! My patience is running thin. I followed their instructions and now they're just making this flat out incredibly difficult for me. PISSED!

I won't recommend this company to anyone! As soon as I withdraw my tax return, I'm throwing away my card and filing a customer complaint. Never again Netspend!

We're over before we ever began.Good riddance.

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I'm having an issue with my card they saying that I need proof of my ID some of my mail and my social order for the block or the pendant so he can come off my card so I can be able to use it what can I do about it


It want let me in my account i know my password and my username it still want let me in keep saying my account locked


I am having the same issues this is my last time dealing with them...my new card with a better company is on the way. I never had to argue with someone so hard about my Money in my life! I won't be doing it again.


I had the same issue.Had bills to pay, and when I went to full my card, the lady looked at me and said that the authorization declined.

When I went to access my account information, it said that it was locked.I do believe that this is a scam, and I wouldn't recommend to ANYONE who plans on using it for more than a couple months


I hate this Netspend card.I got my card I activated it and then it locked me out.

I need my money for my bills.I also don't recommend this card for NOBODY




Why do you lock my account when I activate my card, this doesn’t makes no sense at all but I truly think this is a scam.


I would like to know why my account is locked.




Hello, This is another passed off customer from those Netspendd ***.I need my money and they want me to send a photo i.d.

and some other forms of identification before I can have it.

And that could take six hours.I don't have six hours I need my money now.


This company is a JOKE!!!!



to Anonymous #1430955

I've been with these guys for over a year now, and haven't used their services, or card much.I've noticed that there are small amounts being deducted from my card/account since I loaded 500.00 on it.

I could of sworn I had at least 228.00 on it still, but nope! No more then 2.00 or 3.00 bucks, but lately I've felt it more-so now bcuz it's been withdrawn twice a day sometimes since downloaded their app off of Google Play Store, and like I said rarely use them, their services, or card, but money ends up missing, everytime I load it, and now I cannot access my account thru their app! It's says my account is locked!! WTF!!???

Really?? Since I rarely use them I hardly need to log in, or check my account, and now I know why! How can I overdraft on a prepaid card by 10.00, and some change?? If my "PREPAID" card can only be charged, and or used for the amount I load, or reload on it?????

If I'm not mistaken!? That's how all these "PREPAID MONEY CARD" companies marketed them to us consumers from day one!

That's what they were intended to do.Help those of us who regularly overdraft our checking accounts, not be able to do so.


I called to dispute an unauthorized transaction.They blocked my *** card up without my permission.

When i talked to a rep that can barely speak English told me they had to do it.

I told them my paycheck goes on there they told me we will send u another card.I told them i don't want another card i want my card that i have unblocked


So I just got my direct deposit transferred over to netspend than they locked my account had to send I.d, social, and pay stub seriously retarded af we will see what they do because I need my money today

Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #1342128

I had my tax money put on this card 1,944.00 was took out of my account I called they investigated and told me I would be refunded a few employees that work there told me that then I call back my account is lock I'm pissed off that they took my money like that I work hard for my money I wouldn't recommend anyone to deal with Netspend

to Tara2017 Modesto, California, United States #1342399

My account just got locked last night

Chicago, Illinois, United States #1332753

Can not pull up my transaction.Call on phone to complaint cost.

50 cent every time.

Why say go on line and get block out?Is that a trick to get our money?

Laconia, New Hampshire, United States #1295996

I had the same problem. My account is locked and they want me to send them a copy of my social security card and electric bill and I.d when I try to active my wu Netspend card this makes no since


Wow.I am reading everyone's complaint and I am having the same problem.

I put money on my card to pay my rent because where I live you have to pay by a debit or credit card or a cashier's check. I was in a hurry and bought a card on my way to work. I tried to activate it quick. I was disconnected three or four times Finally when I got on the line with someone the signal wasn't clear.

Finally I got a person by the time I was in the back room at work trying to get ready so I can activate this card to pay my rent. I get a representative on the line and they give me some song and dance about a lock on the card. I need documentation. I was so upset They offered to send a refund paper check back to me in 5 to 7 business days.

Meanwhile my rent is late. etc. I have to then call and make other arrangements. I was running late for work at this point screaming like a maniac at my job.

It's my money and if they cant let me use it to pay my bill then what good is this card. I will never ever buy that card again. They better send this check quick. I had to sign papers and everything to fix my rent situation.

I could not even understand why.The person was not from this country and I still don't understand the reason.

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